Convert pdf file to jpeg or any image format

Hi Guys,

I need help in converting pdf file to jpeg format or any other image file.
Please give your valuable suggestions.


You can use save as option and save it as .jpg or any formats you want.

I am trying to save it using “save as” in .jpg and .png as well but when opening the image file it has no image.

Try with it’ll convert pdf file to jpg and save in your computer automatically. no need to save it using “save as” in .jpg.

hi there, for converting pdf to jpeg i recommend you to use they provide wide range of converters and the best thing is that they also offer trial version for 30 days so if their services satisfy your demands then you can proceed and use their premium services.
i’m using their services and i hope that will be helpful to you
All the best and the link is given below.

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@T.White @harry_winston Thank you for your reply, but our client is not accepting to involve any third party website to do this.

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Same here, dealing with insurance documents. @ShivpujanK have you found any options to convert within UiPath?

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Hi James,

You can use copy file activity and in the destination change the extension to .jpeg or .png. You can also use Export PDF Page as Image Activity under UiPath.PDF. Activities package