Form Extractor Activity Error

Hello @UiPath_Community

when i am trying to click Manage Templates in Form Extractor Activity i am facing this kind of an error and then after UiPath close Automatically.

can anyone please help me with this ?


Hi @ManaliVasane ,
can you share detail error?

Hey @ManaliVasane ,

  1. Check your dependencies and make sure they aren’t in the preview versions
  2. Try using OmniPage OCR instead



yes @Brian_Mathew_Maben i am using OmniPage OCR.

@Brian_Mathew_Maben same code was working fine 2 days ago.
i have been facing this error from yesterday.

Hey @ManaliVasane , Try removing UiPath.OCR.Contracts if you are not using it.



Hello @Brian_Mathew_Maben ,yes i removed. Still facing Same error.

Then there may be other dependencies that rely on UiPath.OCR.Contracts. Try removing unused dependencies or reinstalling the dependencies.

Hi @ManaliVasane ,

Could you let us know if you have maybe updated the packages/Studio ?

Suspect it is because of the Updated System and UiAutomation activities package.

However, before performing the changes suggested, would ask you to keep a backup-copy of the workflow.

Let us know if performing a Downgrade of the System and UiAutomation Packages would work.

Hello @supermanPunch
No, i haven’t updated studio or packages.
But i can’t understand what is happening.