Form Designer: dynamic dropdown inside Data grid not working


I have created a Form using the Form Designer. In this form I have a Data grid where each row contains a dropdown. The values of this dropdown is filled using an in-argument (by giving the argument the name: [Property name]_dropdown). This works for the first row. However, when the user adds a new row in the data grid, the dropdown remains empty.

Anyone an idea how I can get it to work for every new row that is added by the user?


may we ask you on details for:

  • arguments/parameters
  • key setting for thedrop down


Yes, I’m passing a list of options (strings):

These are the settings for the drop down:

Let me know if you need more information.

the field is matching the part of th argument :+1:
maybe a name not so close to any programming keywords is more to prefer.

Also have a look here:

I agree that maybe another name would be better. Your link is doing the same thing as I do, and also does not work when using a data grid. Do you have an answer to my problem?

we would not manually configure a grid when we want to get generated the dropdown dynamicly e.g. by the Dictionary

What we want is that the user can add as many rows as he want, and these rows contain a dropdown that we cannot hardcode, the values must be passed so that they can be changed. Do you know a way to do this? Maybe in another way?

user or developer?

this we can do dynamicly e.g. with the dictionary

Maybe it is a misinterpretation, but it looks like a mismatch of design editing the form by the developer and runtime editing by the consuming user in the case description. Better to get sort it out in advance.

To give a bit more context: the user needs to fill in information about sales orders. We don’t know how many sales orders the user will fill in, therefore he must be able to add rows so he can fill in more sales orders. In every row, the dropdown field should contain options that are passed to the form. These options are actually defined in an asset in the orchestrator, since they must be possible to be changed from there.

So to be extra clear, I as a developer do not change the number of rows, but the user does.

Again, the options of the newly added row (by the user) are not updated with the values that are passed to the form. Do you know how to do this, or another way to do this?

We can use a dictionary, but it does not work when the user adds another row.

you must set the parent of the dropdown component to the data grid field key. So in the same way you had type_dropdown you must also have type_parent with the direction as In, the type as String, and the value as the field key of your data grid.