Dynamic Drop Down in Data Grid Not Working

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to pass a list into drop-down field of a data grid. But in the drop down it shows no choices to choose from. Please check below screenshot -

I have followed everything as per mentioned in the url - https://docs.uipath.com/activities/other/latest/workflow/dynamic-dropdowns#sample-workflow

Please help me to get it resolved.


Arguments passing screenshot -


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I believe you are checking in preview…please check the dropdown once you run the form…in preview you would not be able to see the values


Hi Anil,

Thanks for replying.

I am checking while running the form only, please see below -


Did you hppen to change the firld key value?

Did you give the field key value as countryList

Also is the list having data?

Can you check from locals panel


Yes @Anil_G ,

I changed the field key value. Also, I have added values in the list as well -


In data is it like this?

I did same steps and I am able to see the data…you did add values…but in invoke code did you add the argument as in/out or out?


Hi @Anil_G , can you share your code with me please? I have added the arguments correctly in Invoke code.

Also, I am not able to see Item Template for my drop down field -


Just now tested on show form…in that give the list to direct fieldkey name without _dropdown liek below and it is working as expected


Hi @Anil_G , thanks for your help. The values bind correctly when it is not used inside Data Grid for me. But it is not showing the values in the drop down if I move the field in Data Grid.

Hi Everyone, can anyone help me in this issue?