Issue with "Create Form" activity with do sequnce inside a loop

If you create new “Create Form” activity and place anything inside a “do” block (even comment works) and put everything inside while true loop, after the second time that form opens it will skip the activity leaving form window open, resulting in opening multiple windows.

(sorry previous screanshot didin’t include comment)

I also added delay to not crash my PC with the amount of windows.

Could you tell me why it happens and how I can avoid this skipping?


While loop, it execute the body if the condition is false. Once it is true it comes out of loop!!

You have to modify your expression accordingly

but shouldn’t uipath wait until I close a window before opening it the another time?

@tomasz_przemyslaw.wrobel Uipath Automatically close form pop-up before it moves to next. But i am wondering why it showing that.

Can you please share the screenshot of it?

After closing the first instance of form, it opens them in a loop without waiting


Can you share the workflow, lets have a look at it?

BugTestForms.7z (212.1 KB)


Yes, i got the issue…

Add some of the activities to be done in the do block of form designer and add some activity to while do block if necessary, try it out. Issue will be resolved…

I don’t think that changes anything. As long as I put something in do block (even comment) in form designer everything breaks.