Reopening form with do block problem

in form.activity version 1.6 if we have some operation in do block and some buttons with click action and some with submit. after the first time we close the form by clicking on the submit button, if another form refers to our first form, the robot will pass the form without stop and continue the workflow. it opens the form but beneath it continues the workflow. and whatever result that your form has, will not save to variable or pass to workflow.

I will put a zip file of a simple project that reproduces the BUG.

I made some workaround which is not the solution.
if we put the first form in a separate workflow and invoke it, the problem will solve. that shows us obviously its a UIPATH Form.activity BUG.

Form (6.1 KB)

Thank you for your report and the sample project. I forwarded this to our team who handles the Forms and they will have a look.

I will update this topic when more information becomes available.

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I can approve that the problem still exists after update to version 1.7

after an about 1-year problem is still here…