For the same selector , bot is working fine in development machine and failing in UAT machine

For the same selector , bot is working fine in development machine and failing in UAT machine

There may be an issue in Properties of Activity like in Some environment Bot is working Prefect with Simulate Click and in some Environment Bot is working prefect with Send Window or Window Message.

You should try it by Changing its property in UAT.

But there is no studio in UAT… how can I update selectors?

You can update your selectors in Development machine and publish Package in Orchestrator,
In UAT Login to same orchestrator so, you can directly run bot by Uipath Assistant or Orchestrator.

I am working on three applications, can I use delay for the next applications to wait till the previous application has downloaded the data

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There could be many reasons…

  1. Check the extension.
  2. System Configurations.
  3. Browser version
  4. Display size

Check with this


Okay i wi check it

You can use delay or timeout or set property as wait for ready to Complete.
It is depending upon which Activities you are using for download.

eventhough studio is missing still you can use uiexplorer application

Okay I am checking

But I can only update selectors or properties in dev environment?

You can do both in Dev Environment.

I checked that the web Ctrl id is changing. For the first page the value is webctrl id = 1065 . The for next pages it is 1066. But I am unable to get it’s value through get attribute. How can I do it?

It’s good if you do not use id’s in selector instead id you can use aaname, innertext, name which will be static, id and idx attribute changes sometimes so, it has possibility to cause an failure of bot.

Without webctrl id it says that selector is not valid.

Use * in id Instead of any static Value Like id=‘*’.

Try and Let me know.


Its selector not found issue with wildcard

Hello @singhshivangi2895

Did you checked for any loading issues??

Give proper delay for the activities as system requires.

Also make sure its not happening for all activities. If affecting all then you have to update the package.