If there is a selector issue in UAT how will be identify those issues and rectify those selectors issue.

Hi @npal

Try to debug the process, when the error will occur the bot will stop at that particular activity. Change the selectors of that specific activity.

If you have any dought on any specific activity put breakpoint and debug.

Hope it helps!!


Usually when it comes to UAT there needs to be two different testing

  1. Run the bot in attended mode

Try to run the bot in attended mode from studio and see any selectors are not getting identified
If yes then fix it then and there
Make sure you are running in debug mode first and once u get the desired output for few runs in debug mode then go for normal run execution

Reason is while running in debug mode you can find the place in which activity the exception is occurring

Here itself bot issues will get fixed in terms of selector issue but it’s not completely over
We need to follow one more step

  1. Run the bot in unattended mode

Then execute the bot in unattended mode to make sure that bot executed fine with all selectors even when ran in unattended mode
This will help to understand where bot is able to interact with the selectors and act on them
If not you can fix it

These two steps getting completed in UAT will ensure that bots works absolutely fine in Production

Cheers @npal