For Entreprise, Can we get a special Orchestrator .. supporting more than 5 unattended robot?

For Entreprise, Can we get a special Orchestrator … supporting more than 5 unattended robot ?
we already have 5 and we need to add just one, should we ask for a new orchestator or there is a way to make all this robots connected to the same Orchest.
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Just buy one or more unattended robot licenses and add them to your license in Orchestrator and in your desired tenant.
Then you will be able to connect with more unattended robots.

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Its show that i can’t add any additionnal Robot … how can i add more robots ?

Check if you can create a new Tenant role, assign it to your user and add the below permissions for the Robots entity.

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There is no limits … i can add as much i want from Unattended robots to one single Orchestrator ?

Yes, you are right.

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Thank you so much for ur answers !

I see that i can’t run more than 5 unattented robot simultantly … even if i add more robots to the orchestrator. @marian.platonov thank you so much for ur quick replies


This is because your orchestrator only has purchased 5 licenses to run unattended. You need to purchase a license for each unattended robot you wanna have.

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We need to use 7 robots … should we ask for new orchestrator ? or there is any way to run 7 robot under same orchestrator ?

Buy more licenses for your current orchestrator and you will have permission to allocate more robots

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Can i edit my current license ( which contains 5 robots ) to i can add 2 others or should we use a new licence and remove the current one … im sorry for my dumb question , just need to understand nd get the correct information.

Thank you all for ur replies :pray:

Yes, there is two possibilities.

  1. You have ordered your licenses through a UiPath themselves:

You can get in contact with one of their sales experts to hear about acquiring new licenses. I believe this link will get you through to them:

Contact Licensing Queries & Activations (

  1. You have an external support company that you have purchased your licenses through:

In this case you need to contact that company and tell them you want to acquire more licenses, which licenses you want and how many.

Sadly it’s not possible for me to tell you which of the abovementioned you need to do, as i have no chance of knowing which solution you’ve chosen in the first place.

Hope it helps!

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Thank yous so much for ur essential reply :pray:

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