Can we run multiple unattended robots in production license using the Non Production license Orchestrator?

Hi, I have to run the 4 unattended robots in the production, but I don’t have the production license for orchestrator, I am using the non Production Orcehstrator, can we run 4 concurrent unattended robots using not production license orchestrator? @Palaniyappan


Concurrent Runtime

This type of license is only used with Unattended and NonProduction Robots.

In this model of licensing, we count the maximum number of Unattended or NonProduction Robots that are able to execute processes simultaneously.

cheers @balkishan

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Palani, I was provided 4 Unattended Robots - Concurrent Runtime but not Orchestrator license.
Orchestrator I am using a Non Production license Orchestrator to run the Production license robots simultaneously.

Somebody from UiPath told that you can run 2 robots at same time using the Non Production Orchestrator but not all 4 at the same time. Is it right?

Yah I was thinking about the same
Kindly check once with the technical support team in this pls

Cheers @balkishan

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Hi @balkishan

We plan to use Enterprise non-production orchestrator license ( one of the flavor like standard or Basic Orchestratpor license ) . is there any difference between Standard and Non-production Orch in the view of managing robot with all Orch objects such as multi tenancy ,.Assets, queue, concurrent running, capacity etc


we recently moved to cloud orchestrator version 2020.4 and I have 5 non production licenses. i have created robots in “Management” and also i have connected my robot. But i am not able to run a job because when i run job robot is not showing.

can anyone help on this.