Integrating new license with existing licenses

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

Can we acquire a new orchestrator license and link it with existing robots and Named User license?

We have 1 orchestrator, 2 dev, 1 non-production and 2 unattended robots. Our plan is to use 1 dev and 1 unattended robot license, 1 named user and integrate with new orchestrator. Do you see any issues in doing that?

Thanks in advance.

HI @Siddarth_Nair

May I know why you want to acquire a new orchestrator license? Why not do it with the one you already have?

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We had the following UiPath infrastructure initially:

  • 1 orchestrator
  • 2 Development robots
  • 2 unattended robots
  • 1 non-production robot
  • 2 named user licenses

Of the above, we have used the following for one client:

  • 1 orchestrator
  • 1 dev robot
  • 1 non-production robot
  • 1 unattended robot
  • 1 named user license.

So, we have now 1 dev robot and 1 unattended robot available for another client. So, we are planning to acquire a new orchestrator and 1 non-production robot for the new client to make it another set.

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Hi @Siddarth_Nair
There is no matter of using any less number of any license that you have

But you have to check the license

  1. Your license, Aquire from orchestrator
    2 . Or you have seperate licences

But , I hope there is no need of keeping 2 orchestrator

If you provide more information we can help you better

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@Maneesha_de_silva Please find more information in my above thread as a reply to @Lahiru.Fernando .

Any further information you need kindly let me know.


agree with @Maneesha_de_silva

That’s exactly why I asked the question on why you think you want to go for another orchestrator… :slight_smile:

In the orchestrator, there is a option to go for multi tenancy… So… wouldn’t that work for you? You can have multiple tenants for each client… and in each tenant, you can use folders to separate their tasks within the tenant… wouldn’t that be a good approach? :thinking:


@Lahiru.Fernando Having a single orchestrator implies having a single database.

So even if we go by multi-tenant approach, all the clients data will reside in the same UiPath database.This point has been raised by clients as a data integrity violation. So, we have decided not to have a database with multiple clients data; for a new client get a new orchestrator. If within the same client, we need to automate processes that falls in multiple departments within the client, then use multi-tenancy. I hope I am making sense.


I got your case dear @Siddarth_Nair

So I have 2 options for your

  1. As our friend @Lahiru.Fernando mention you can use tenant
  2. You have to give another orchestrator to your next client

But its behaviour append like below
If the orchestrator host on your side and you are giving them to access orchestrator by separate users , yes you can use separate tenant and give to your next client

If you provide separate orchestrator to your first client on host by their on On premise, yes you have to proved separate license to your second client

Anther thing if you purchase orchestrator as bundle(1 orchestrator with those robot and studio)
You cannot separate it
Once you up your first orchestrator its provisioning your bots and studio even you use it or not

Oh ok.

I didn’t get this. Can you clarify?

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Sure ,
I mean that orchestrator license come up with bundle sometime 《it’s as you purchase 》
(1 key use to install orchestrator and your bots and studio aqure license from orchestrator, it doesn’t have separate license key at all)

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We cannot go for multitenancy option as I have commented above.

Like you said, I think we have 1 license as a bundle, so I will check with our CSM if we can use some of our existing robots to work with a new orchestrator.

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Hope you got the answer

Feel free and ask anything, we are here to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes , think its better

So as from your vendor side ,
Let your vendor to know and demo the benefit and importance of having their separate bot and studios
And let them to buy license via your company

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