For each UI element but only in a certain field


The website looks like that:

And when I use for each UI element and select

Then all of squares are selected.

How do I do that only squares from Field A will be selected?

Thank you.


Try using filters in for each ui element to check if the innertext contains you required field

you can use for each on whole field and use filter on innertext and inside for each use get children to get the checkboxes and only check them



hi @chowus
if your Field A always have 3 squares
use counter=1 and increment to 3 and use if to check counter # then break

it has random number ehh

I don’t understand.

So I used for each UI element on all field instead of on a box. and what now?

use anchor base activity or anchor in your selector


  1. For each ui element on fields container…I mean the whole card which contain fields and check boxes
  2. Use filter in the for each to check for innertext containing Field1
  3. Inside the loop use get children and use filter as <webctrl tag='input' type='checkbox' />
  4. output of 3 will be only those checkboxes which are in field1
  5. now use a for loop on the output of 3 and then use click inside it to check the checkboxes

Hope this helps


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