"for Each UI element currently restricted to web application"

Hi All,

I am trying to automate a java based web-application which is enter the data I got from the excel form in the relevant fields.
For this, when I want to use the “for Each UI element” activity, but when i want to add elements I get the error “for Each UI element currently restricted to web application”

Please let me know, if there are any suggestions to this or anyone has worked on similar issues before.


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As it is a table…you can find the selector for indivisual row and then use idx to incremnet and get each row from table

Eg: <ctrl name=‘xyx’ type=‘data’ idx=‘5’ /> would give fifth row

Use ui explorer to check the selector and find a reliable selector for the row and use it


Hello Anil,

Thank you for your welcome and answer,

I tried your suggestion but the rows do not follow any particular order, for example in the first 20 rows, idx values follow each other (1.2…20). However, when it goes to a bottom line, it turns into an irrelevant value (like 65). So I couldn’t do it by increasing the idx value.

Thanks again


Looks like you need to refine your selector ideally yhere would be atleast a pattern or some seector which increments in table…try to use ui explorer and refine the selector use centre top and right top menus and check combinations



After entering the excel data in the table first line, going to the second line with the down arrow key, entering the other excel data and continuing like this until the end of the table, in other words, performing the iteration of the index value with the down arrow (creating a variable) key. Is such a thing possible?

I hope am i clear

Try the classic Find Children activity, then For Each through the result.

That’s all For Each UI Element is - a combination of Find Children and For Each.