For Each UI Element Target Must be Set

Hey All,

Its probably something simple but Im new and cant seem to figure it out, I Have used the For Each UI Element activity to select checkboxes on a page so I can check multiple at once, However once I have selected them and saved, Then changed the Check/Uncheck input to “Current Element”

Then the For Each UI Element Target doesnt seem to exist and says it needs to be set? In the properties tab it just shows Null even after indicating through chrome the checkboxes im targeting.

Any helps greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Try manually changing Target to TargetAnchorable.

It then shows Target is not valid because no targeting methods are enabled.

That’s because all the properties under Target are blank. I suggest adding a new For Each UI Element activity, indicating the target, and then drag/drop your existing Check/Uncheck into it, then delete the old For Each UI Element. See if the target stays correct that way.

Tried this, For some reason whenever I select the checkbox as the target and save it reverts to selecting the container its in and then when running the automationg doesnt check any of the checkboxes


Try to change the ui automation package version and the system package version from the manage packages and try…may be there is a package issue