For Each Row... using Flowchart

I have a workflow in Flowchart where the first sequence includes For Each Row activity.
But in my project, I would need that For Each Row to run all related/connected sequences from Flowchart), starting with one called Find homepage (in the picture bellow).

What should I use to jump from 1st sequence (For Each Row) to the second one (Find homepage) without breacking the loop of For Each Row? I was playing with Invoke without success (since I would like to avoid using multiple files for a one small learning project).

The question may be: how to continue from this workflow included bellow:

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Hello Thomas. If my understanding is correct then you want to put find homepage block inside the for each loop block. Otherwise the bot will go to find homepage only knce all the loop are done.

Yeap, along with the entire remain workflow. That’s right!


In UiPath usually we can either keep
Sequence inside a flowchart
Flowchart inside a sequence

In that case first let’s start with sequence FOR EACH ROW in Data Table
So cut that block of sequence from FLOWCHART and have it separately ready

Now Inside that loop sequence next to that log message keep the entire FLOWCHART

As simple as that

So the sequence will be

For each row in datatable

  • after log message keep the flowchart
    • that flowchart should start from FINE HOMEPAGE block of activities

Hope this would help you

Cheers @IPIX

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Thanks, man! It works.
I’ll upload the result, it may help others too.


Just ensure that the variables passed to the flowchart are from FOR EACH ROW activity that is CurrentRow

Cheers @IPIX

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Fix it, meanwhile! Thanks!

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