For Each Row to Flow Chart

Being an enthusiast rookie without academy training but some basic programming skills one might get too excited and have some .xamls made using sequences inside a flowchart.

DataTables are super massive problem solvers when manipulating data from xlsx or csv, but being a rookie you might just get stuck with an “inception”- like for each row inside a for each row activity. I did.

So, how about right click on the for each row activity and then select “extract as flowchart” and the result would be a simple flowchart with a counter=0 assign activity, followed by a decision activity with counter < dt.rows.count condition and followed by a sequence if true (all row(“column name”) items will be converted to dt.rows(counter).Item(“column name”) ) and then a counter = counter + 1 assign activity … and back to decision…

Have you tried using a snippet with the ForEachFlow already prepared?