For each row read a column and write in a cell

Hi all,

I would like to read a specific column (with a date in it - format “dd-MM-yyyy”). Then a condition, if that date is past the 15/MM write in a empty cell in another column a specific value, if not write in the same empty cell another value.

I read the read first and then I came up with that…

Any help ?

Many thanks in advance.



Here’s what each step could look like.

In the For Each Row activity you simply pass in the whole DataTable (the “dt” variable), you don’t have to pass in a specific column. The condition in the If activity might be different depending on what you want, past the 15th of current date (as shown above) or past the 15th of each month (in this case it would just be dateFromRow.Day > 15). Also, the column where the insertion of the new values might differ (here the values are inserted in column “B”).