if condition met we have to paste certain value in excel cell

i have an condition if the value equals some number in an excel i have to paste a date into that column in the same excel which staifies my condition

Use Read Range to read the data, and copy the data to a 2nd datatable. Then you can modify the 2nd datatable while iterating over the first. At the end, write the 2nd datatable to the workbook.

If there is a large amount of data and memory is an issue, you can still do this with 1 table, but you’ll need to use a While loop to iterate over the row indices instead of using a For Each Row activity.

actually condition is satisfying but after that using a write range it is not pasting it in the entire column just the first column only it is pasting it

er.xlsx (8.7 KB) uu.xlsx (8.1 KB)
recoverydatefilling.xaml (7.1 KB)

Like this:

recoverydatefilling.zip (19,2 Ko)

I’ve updated the part were you’re reading in the value to add ot the column such that it does not add headers. To write to each cell iteratively, you have to keep up with the current index of the data. I used the row index from the For Each Row activity to derive the cell to write to.

Alternatively, the table could have been modified and all of the data could have been written at once after the loop.

Why rowlx in assign? What is that? Can u explain that? And why date(0)(0)?

When i put date in the variable it is storing it with 0s at the end

rowIx is the current row of the datatable you’ve created from the Excel workbook. date(0)(0) is used because your date is stored in an Excel file. However, since there is only one date in that workbook, I recommend just putting the date into the code rather than reading it from a workbook.