Write cell till data exists in next column

I want to write the data in column asofdate till data exists in value1 column - can any one hepl me with thistesst

You can get the range of value1 using

ws is the worksheet here in vba code.


Then write data till the range…


Thank you for the response and shud i have to use this code in invoke code. and worksheet means sheet name i have to mention?. and if i have to write in invoke code can you please let me know wt other things i shud mention in invoke code activity.

If using invoke code makes your workflow, then you can get the count using existing activities…

You can get the range, then you can do the necessary steps once you have the count…

Col is the output of read column activity



HI @ryava_santhoshi
Kindly follow the below steps tat could help you solve this issue
–Use excel application scope and pass the file path as input
–Use read range activity and get the output as a variable of type datatable named outdt
–use a for each row loop and pass the input as outdt and
inside the for each row loop use a if condition like this
Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(“Value1”).ToString)
if this condition gets passed it will go to the THEN part of if condition
where we can use a assign activity to enter the value we want in column Asofdate
like this
row(“Asofdate”) = “the value you want to enter”
if the above IF condition fails it will go to ELSE part where we can leave it empty without any activity so that no data is entered to the row below the last value row in the column Value1
–the use a write range activity and pass the datatable outdt as input to the excel sheet you want

simple buddy
Kindly try this and let know for any queries

Cheers @ryava_santhoshi

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thank you so much @Palaniyappan for quick response

So any issue still buddy @ryava_santhoshi

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Thank you so much @Hareesh Madasi for quick response

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No its solved @ Palaniyappan thank you for quick response every time :slight_smile:


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