For Each Row: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I am trying to complete Advance Level- Assignment 1.
As I run the sequence I am getting an error with: “For Each Row in input add to dictionary: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

I am also uploading my workflow file. ProcessWorkItems.xaml (9.3 KB)

Please help. thanks in advance.


Could you please tell me steps you followed ?

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I guess you will have to upload the whole project for us to analyse whats going wrong.

Before that what ever dictionary you are trying to add values to, please initialize it in the following way new Dictionary(of string, dataType()) where data type can be an Object with another dictionary in it.

So if you haven’t initialized, then do it and try your workflow again. I am sure it will work, or else upload the whole project in ZIP file or else when I check all your invoke workflows were empty and the studio demanded a restart every-time I tried to go through your activities :slight_smile:



Use a assign activity and Initialize the dictionary variable.

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did the solution work @kunal_gawde?

Hey Raghavendra.

Please find the zip project. I am just trying with sequence. As of now not using ReFramework.

Thanks in advance.!!

Hi @kunal_gawde

I find that you haven’t mapped the variables in the import arguments section, the right column is empty so either you gotta name the variable in the ‘Invoke workflow file’ xaml the same as the variable name in ‘Main’ field and import the arguments or you have to manually map then using the property panel - “Arguments” label and to edit click the three dots button.

Hope this helps.

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Made the changes and it worked.

Thanks a lot.

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