For each row not looping

I created a process to execute on multiple excel rows using “for each row”.

It works fine except that it doesn’t repeat for the next rows.

The process involves submitting one form and then it loads another page after which I’m done with one row. I added an activity to go back to the first page after the first row tasks are done.

However, it still doesn’t repeat. When I remove the form submission on page one, the process repeats for all rows (form filling of all rows on single page minus submission and second page activities).

What do you think I’m missing here?

HI ,

After submission , add some delay and use navigate to(Use the initial URL) activity to reinitialize the screen

Hope This WORKS!!!

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Thanks Krishna. Could you explain what’s conceptually flawed if I’m “clicking” to reach the start page?

I’ll try out the “navigate to” nevertheless

Hi ,

Click can also be used ,but i think it is not that reliable. Assume there is a situation where bot entered the fields , clicked on submit. But due to some network error the next page was not as per our expectation then clicking back might lead to some other error page. Instead of which navigate to directly redirects to the initial page .

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Krishna, it worked :slight_smile: thank you!!

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