For Each Row in DataTable not repeating sequence for each row

I created a process to execute on multiple excel rows using “for each row in data table”.

It works but doesn’t repeat for the next rows.

The sequence involves opening the browser, logging on with information from the datatable, filling out a form with information from the datatable and repeating this for each row in the data table. I want to have a browser session for each row (about 15 browser windows)

However, it doesn’t repeat. The sequence is only applied to the first row after the header of the datatable. Then it stops on the last step of the sequence

What do you think I’m missing here?


Can you share your workflow (as screenshot or file)?


Hey Yoichi, this is a snip of the workflow. Hope it helps. THanks!


For now, can you try the following step to isolate causes?

First, set Breakpoint at ForEchRowInDataTable activity.
Next, run Debug mode. Workflow will stops at breakpoint. Then can you check content of incomeDataTable at Locals Panel?

If number of rows is not same as you expect, the cause exsists before this activity.
if it’s ok, we need to investigate both Invoke workflow file activities in ForEachRow.



  1. First keep the read range activity

  2. Then FOR EACH Row activity

  3. Inside the loop use a OPEN BROWSER activity first

  4. Then invoke your workflows

  5. Post to those two invoked workflows use a CLOSE TAB activity to close the browser opened so that when next iteration starts the browser will open again

  6. Try running in debug mode so that we can know where the bot is getting stuck

Cheers @Jimmy9501

hi @Yoichi Thank you for your response

I did try the toggle and debugging. The locals panel did show all the columns and row I want

How do you recommend investigating the invokes?

Hello @Palaniyappan the process I am trying to create should not close the browser.

It should open the browser as many times as rows in the data table. I say this because after my process is done I would like to review each individual browser for accuracy. If the browsers are closed then 1. the session with the populated information is not saved or 2. the information is saved but I will have to log in manually 16-18 times which I prefer the robot take care of

Hello @Jimmy9501,

If your goal is to have 16-18 open browser windows at the end, one for each row in DT, then you may need to move your open browser from where it is, to inside of the for each row loop. Currently, unless your invoke workflows also open browsers, you are only going to open one browser from this flow.



Is there any error? If there is, can you share it?

And, next we can check each invoked workflow runs as we expect using Breakpoint, StepInto etc. Set breakpoint then workflow stops, next press F11(Step Into) then run activity step by step.

Or if possible, can you share whole project (workflow files) as file?