Go out from for each loop but still connected to loop

I have a workflow and in that flow i have seq… my one sequence have for each loop and due to a lot of - IF statement Inside that Loop I want to place my IF activity out from For Each loop…
But as i’m reading value from excel table so I still want to be connected with same loop.

I just want to move if statements to an other sequence on same Workflow file… so that code is read
and understandble.
Break activity is not working
is there a way?


Is it ok if you move if statements to a sub-workflow, then call that sub-workflow inside for each?

yes, my thought exactly…

If i upload my flow can you help me?
But first tell me how can i re-use a variable so that it hold more then 1 results. I know its a bad question… but i have to ask.

this list have 2 number and i want both number in one variable and check the number by IF with other number from excel.
I have no option to select the list value … :frowning:
so how can i do that…