For each row and Hyperlink


I am using For each row for a data table extracted from web page , now the extracted table is as such

User Name Clicks

I need to click on each user name and do certain activities . I Applied For Each row and then Get row to get the Username and then Invoked another workflow which attaches the browser and Finds the username and clicks over the user name but it gives me error as Selector not found

I declared a variable as i = DT.Rows.indexof(rows)
Created Dynamic Selector in Find element as :


It gives error and selector not found , I have this Find in Attach browser scope , have invoked this in main workflow and the dynamic selector works and says can not find value for selector


This means it is reading the row number from the variable i but still can not find the corresponding element , please suggest

in for each

use assign as

Username = row.item(1).Tostring

(where 1 in item is the column index of the username field and it starts from 0 )

Then use selector as follows

Here is an example for a selector with a dynamic variable

"<webctrl aaname='"+Username+"' parentid='*' tag='A' colName='Name' />"