For Each Loop in the Flowchart



Hello everyone,

I think an activity that works as a for each but is used in the flowcharts just would be useful for displaying purposes.

I know that you can use a decision and you can loop through with a counter, but something that would look better and make no use of a counter would be good.



We can use for each loop by including a sequence in the flowchart which eliminates the use of a counter variable



I think you have to use counter if you want to iterate without using for loop, You can use some smart loop like Do…While in which you just see to set boolean value to come out of loop.


There’s no need of a counter in for-each. In while yes.


Oh, I think I did not make myself right understood.

So, it was looking something like this in my head. When you drag one of these for each loops designed for the flowchart, you would be given two separate activities, one beginning and one end. Whatever is between those two will be the loop. Basically the body of the for each will be a flowchart instead of a sequence.


Just go to Library -> Add Folder and point to a persistent location. Paste your previous .xaml in there and it will be available for drag and drop.