FlowChart two for Each with loops different Files

Hello everyone, I am trying the flow chart for the first time with a for each loop. My goal is to use two for each loops, the first of which should read in different files and the second the respective row of Excel. I have managed the for each for Excel, but I am failing with the for each for the different files. The bot should start with the first file, run through all the rows in it, and when it has finished, it should read in the next file and run through the rows again.

How should this be implemented in the flow chart?
I have my ideas so far here

Main.xaml (19.3 KB)


Just a thought from my side. i could see your process it contains the multi assign store some hardcoded excel names. i am not sure about your approach.

Can we use the below activity to achieve your goal of looping the files in a folder.

Hi, thanks for your idea, however I would like to achieve the whole thing outside of a for each activity to be able to map it directly via the flow chart.

I have adapted the flowchart again so that it is perhaps easier to understand. In the loop, only explicit files are to be read in and the next file is to be taken after each run, without a classic for each item activity.
Main.xaml (15.3 KB)