Unable to get next row details in excel

I’m running a process but I cannot get it to read from the next row in an excel. Here is what the process does:

  1. Using the first row, it enters in information from each column into an online application.
  2. Once it is done, it submits that application.
  3. Then, I need it to do the same thing for the next row, but it keeps reading row one.

can you upload your .xaml @avnreddy_tech

1.i have excel sheet ,i need to map first row details to application, then close the application.
2. again open other application, need to map next row details then close the application.

  1. read excel using read range to datatable variable
  2. use for each row activity to loop the excel table and input


As per my understanding you are using multiple application and every time you are taking next row
I think should use For each row activity and the inside for each row you can use switch activity


its running first row of excelsheet its not coming to next row

can you upload the uipath project file here? so i can take a look

Hey! @avnreddy_tech

Try like this

  1. Read the excel using read range-Output as-Dt
  2. Take one Kill process activity kill the chrome-Apply-All
  3. For each row pass the Dt
  4. Use open browser and pass the URL if that URL is in the same excel we can do like this
  1. Inside the open browser use Typeinto and pass the column item like this

Now use Close tab

In the next iteration this will takes the next row and opens the next URL


Hi @avnreddy_tech Use a for each row in datatable and inside that do the necessary process.
If there is single application you need to enter the datatable values you can continue like this or else if there are multiple applications you can use switch activity inside your for each.
Thanks and Regards