Can We write Excel Data in Send HotKey

Hi, I want to automate the SalesForce site.
The Type Into Activity does not work there, so I am using now Send Hot Key Activity.
Via SendHotKey I able to automate the site with constant data. Now i want to write the data from the excel sheet. is anyone help me with this.

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Yes of course
Even type into activity has some hotkeys with
While giving value to the type into we can see a plus symbol at the right end of the input field along the activity
—press that so that we can number of hotkeys with that
—and while using hotkeys with type into activity kindly enable send window message property, emptyfield, and clickbeforetyping alone
Don’t enable simulate type property

— so while getting the datatable from read range activity and iterating through a for each row loop passing the above datatable variable as input
Inside this loop we can use a type into activity with
value mentioned as row(“yourcolumnname”).Tostring+“[K(enter)]”
And this last hot key usually appears when we press that + symbol at the right end of input field in the design panel and choosing enter as key

Cheers @priyesh

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use set to clipboard activity
in that set the value u want to write
then by using send hotkey : ctrl+v it will paste over there
Hope it will help

Hi, i agreed with you.
but the problem is when i am using Type Into activity, i am facing selector problem and sales force popup window selector is changed every time.

So can we try with SendHotKey it’s work but can we write the data from excel in SendHotKey activity.

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Of course send hot key will work for sure
And we can use type into activity without selectors right
It’s similar to how we type in Citrix environment
Like we will be using send hot keys with tab as key and followed by a type into (without selectors) with input value we want to enter in the fields amen way we can try here as well
— use send hot key as you say it works (as it is meant to be) with keys like tab
— then use a type into activity with the input value from excel and
—use another send hot key with key as enter

This will work for sure
Cheers @priyesh

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Hi @priyesh,

For automating Salesforce, we do have a dedicated activity set. That you can find in the Package manager, please refer.

Coming to your Try,

  1. Read cell activity or Read entire data, use for each to loop it down.
  2. Use “Set to ClipBoard”, “Get From ClipBoard” to set and get the data from the clipboard. it in a variable.
  3. use send hot key to write the data, pass the variable.


You can use the Image activities If in case you cannot access the proper the selectors.

Do let us know.

Sukesh V

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so were we able to type into the field
Cheers @priyesh

I found package for Sales Force Activity UipathTeam.Salesforce.Lightning_Platform.Activity

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Cheers @priyesh