Folders in Orchestrator

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Can anyone explain me that what are the difference between above two images?
Actually when i am trying to login Orchestrator in the first time the folders (My workspace and Shared) are showing. But for my friend the folders (Default and Shared) are showing. In Myworkspace folder i don’t find Robots and Environments options.
Thanks in Advance…

Hi @Swetha_V !
The notion of environment section relies on previous Orchestrator versions (there was “Machine”, “Robot’ and 'Environment”). If I remember well we had to create a machine, then an environment, then a robot.
With the new Orchestrator version, we only have “Robots” and “Machine” sections, only accessible if you click on “Tenant” (on the top left). We have to create machine then a robot to run a process

Hello Hiba_B,
Thank you for the update but i have created machine now i am trying to create Robot but unable to do that. If you see the image below i don’t find any option to create robot.

Hi @Swetha_V
Do watch this videos for your refrence.


Hello Pravin,
Thanks for the reply. I have checked the videos in that Default folder there but for me Default not there. Check the below image once…

Hi @Swetha_V
You need to create a folder in tenant.

  1. click on the tenant and click folders.
    2 create a classic folder.


I am trying to connect but it is showing Connected and Unlicensed. Find the image below.


Hi @Swetha_V

Have you mapped the robot to the enviroment?


Hi Pravin,
Could you check Hiba_B post once. Orchestrator version updated so we don’t find environments option and Classic Default folder option.

Hi @Swetha_V
Please check with the below link for your reference.


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Thanks for the support… i got the output