Robot tab and Environment tab is missing in Orchestrator

Hi everyone,

I am trying to develop Document Understanding workflow in studio and want to deploy it and need to run it through unattended robot. I am able to create a machine yet unable to view robot and environment option for creating robot and assigning to environment

Kindly, help me out to resolve this issues

Thanks in advance,

What is the version of Orchestrator being used?
In recent version, you can see that under Tenant Option

Hi Mrithunraj,

Probably you are using Modern folders where the concept of Environment no longer exists.

Either create a classic folder or use modern folders as “Environments”

you should change your license to Enterprise Cloud Orchestrator and then enable User License Management In the Admin panel at Orchestrator Tenants then you Enable to use classic Folder

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Hi @Mrithunraj_R ,

Environment tab no longer exists with modern folders.
How to identify if your folder is modern or classic? Hover on your folder, blue color outline means modern and orange color denotes classic folder.

However, you will still be able to see robot tab under Tenant.


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