Flowchart logic validation

Hi there, do you know how can I set a use browser as true after process finishes so the flow decision can validate to continue the flow

I tried to set an output variable but is not working

I kinda solved the issue by changing the variable type to boolean and set as True

I have another issue though when the flow starts I need to log in and when it fails it goes to the fow decision the problem is that it asks to put the ‘Do’ inside a use browser and when I do that the page reloads again and asks for the login again…how can I solve this?

You can create a browser variables(output property of open browser activity) for the first instance of browser opened(and logged in), then in next steps use a attach browser activity with input as the previous browser variable, then it will use the previous browser instance for all changes and wont ask for login in again.

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The output variable isn’t a boolean (true/false). The output variable stores the browser object. If you want to verify that the browser opened properly you have to use Element Exists along with an If/Then.

thanks Paul yeah I know I have a flow using these activities but since is a very huge RPA I am having to rebuild it using flowchart to make it easier to work with block activities like that is much better for long long flows like mine

Ok sounds logical I’ll try thankss

I GOT this error am I putting it correctlly?

No. You have some activities that need to be inside the Use Browser scope but aren’t.

Why do you have Use Browser and Attach Browser mixed? Use Browser is the modern version of Attach Browser.

because of the previous tip I got from KL_KL so I tried but yeah makes sense…
What would be the solution the? too many use browsers like this does not work since it reloads the page all the time it changes to the other block

The first Use Browser, you should output the browser object to a variable. Then use that variable as the input object for the other Use Browser activities.

At first glance it looks like you could just have the whole thing inside one Use Browser, though. Although I’d have to see what’s inside each one to know for sure.

would be lovely but after the first use browser the page can go to 2 scenarios one requesting a secnd login(security part) or go to the main page to input credentials

So I tried this way you wrote me outputting to a var and input on the other use browser but it breaks the process

You can use a Switch or If or even Workflow within the Use Browser.

“So I tried this way you wrote me outputting to a var and input on the other use browser but it breaks the process”

Breaks it how?

Hi there
it just does not work the RPA stops running

We can’t help with vague statements like “it stops running.”

ok then