Flowchart decision or if activity to verify if a brower is open or not

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I’m very new with UIPath Studio. I have to automate a navigation on a web site, but before that I have to verify if my browser is open: if true, it has to be closed and than open again to do the sequence, if false it has to be open and do the sequence. I found two options: flowchart decision and “if” activity, but I would need to know how to use them. Could anyone help me, please?

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Hi @martina.cavalieri


Please try below steps and let me know if you face any issues:

Step1: Use Element exists activity to check if the browser is open or not (The output of this activity will give result as true or false)
Step2: Use IF activity if the condition is true(Which means browser is open)
In the Then block
Use Close Tab or Close Application activity and then you can use Open Browser to open the Application again and proceed with your sequence
In the Else Block
use Open Browser to open the Application again and proceed with your sequence

For Your Reference
CheckBrowser.xaml (8.9 KB)

Hope this helps.

I’m trying, but I can’t open your attachment…

Hi @martina.cavalieri ,

Try this and let me know if you face any issue.
I have used kill activity to close IE, you can change it if you are using Crome.
You can also use close application instead of kill.
test.xaml (6.3 KB)

I can’t download the attachment on my VM, because it’s locked by my organization. Please, attach a screenshot, if you can.

Try this,


Ok. How about VB expressions?

Sorry, which VB expression you are asking ?

All, please. I am very new with UiPath and I have to learn it on my own.
Thank you so much.

Hello @martina.cavalieri
just use kill process activity with browser name

Name for browser

Chrome= "chrome"
FireFox = "firefox"
InternetExplorer = "iexplore"


Kill process activity will close/kill browser if exist else it will continue.