Flowchart Appearance

Hi guys,

Is there anything you can do to make some of the activities more customizable from a display perspective. One of the things that people say they like about Blue Prism is the logical flow that you can see. Whilst this can be done in UiPath the size of the sequence boxes and the assign boxes quite often makes the process appear more complex than it is. Smaller circles and other shapes might be a better option as you don’t really need to display the details of the assign for example within the process itself.

I personally think it’s just missing a top presentation layer for processes which would keep business users happy!

I know you’re restricted to an extent by WWF but what are you thoughts?


We are very limited by WWF, so I don’t think we’ll bring major update to the way flowchart mode looks until MS opens WF, or we switch to a different rendering engine. So both will take a while.

A workaround might be to use the zoom functionality which works okish for an overview.

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