Enterprise Studio 2022.10.5-feedback

:frowning: don’t know what happened with you guys at UiPath but this version 2022.10.5 of UiPath Studio is by far the worst I have ever seen, and I have been using it since the beginning.
The colors, chrashes, long loading time, rendering, the look etc.

Really disappointed :frowning:

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Thanks @Petar_Soce for your feedback.

We are aware of some performance issues that are going to be fixed in 23.4 Release and in a future patch for 22.10 enterprise.

Would you mind having a call so we can explore the other issues like rendering, look and colors? :slight_smile: You can DM me some contact information if you are available.

Sry, Since it is an enterprise environment I cant show you around. But I can show you an example picture. This happens quite often. When I switch to some xaml file or open it:

It does not render the file, not until I start scrolling. Sometimes not even that helps, I have to open/close it.

I have a good machine so its not that. Started happening after the update.