22.10 Studio Layout and Design

Is there option to use back the prior studio layout and design under version 22.10?

I find the new layout and design style very “disturbing”, every activity became “thicker” and taking up more spaces.

Furthermore some of the activities no longer works the same as per prior version.
Eg. Text input activity now must be within attach window or etc scope activity.
If activity also looks different and there is another “Else If” activity.

The overall experience with 22.10 is horrible for me, especially on UI.


Thanks for sharing your experience. Stay tuned for 22.10.4 update as we will be pushing a shrunk designer with thinner activities.

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True! :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth:


Any plans on more UX customizability? The colors surrounding scope activities are very nice addition but I wish we could customize it, also managing the lines on flowcharts is a huge pain, in terms of flowchart design BluePrism does it much better.

Rarely do I get emotional about the software I use.

I always try to provide constructive criticism.

I must admit, however, the new look raised my blood pressure quite a bit (and did so in record time, might I add), so please forgive my straightforwardness:

It is absolutely terrible. It’s clunky, chunky, the studio itself seems slower than before.

Not only does the change not address the biggest problem with uipath’s design - very poor readibility, especially in big projects - it exacerbates the problem even more.

I cannot comprehend how these changes got approved, developed, tested (?) and deployed without anyone at UiPath pointing out how horrible these feel.

What was the reasoning behind these changes?

What’s downright atrocious, however, is the asinine design of the “IF” activity I noticed just 5 minutes ago.

Who in their right mind thought it is a good idea to have the “then” and “else” parts not side by side? And who thought having the “else” option first is good? What programming language follows such convoluted logic? :see_no_evil: Aaaargh!

In times where people have access to widescreen 30+ inch monitors your design team somehow decided to make uipath even more vertical (instead of using that potential horizontal space), because apparently it’s such a joy having to scroll down or up by an entire screen’s worth every time I want to do absolutely anything.

For the love of all that’s good and pure in this world, please oh pretty please, give us the ability to revert … this.


Agreeing wholeheartly, I think tho it should be an option to have vertical or horizontal IFs, I have some legacy spaghetti cases where I wish it could go vertical :smiley: