Uipath Studio Graphical Interface

Is there any chance we will see an updated flowgraph improovement anytime in the future ?

I would like to see the interface a bit faster and easier to use.

Something like the famous Unreal Blueprint system:

Or like this one:

I Like the Colors but It’s a bit hard to follow direction of flow :slight_smile:

Left to right should not be that hard but of course keeping the top to bottom also works.
Main thing is we need links and better colors and definition between actions.
Currently, after a if inside an if that is in a for each inside a retry scope just shows you 4 or 5 frames one next to each other and it is hard to tell where something ends and another thing begins.

I don’t see a pressing need to change it from “top to bottom” to left-to-right". In some countries, they read right to left. They will be confused if it is left to right. I think top to bottom is just fine.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.