Flow Switch Use to Run scripts which meet certain date criteria

Hi All,

I’m new here to the UIpath community and currently working on my first project. I’m looking to use the Flow Switch activity to determine when a script needs to run on a specific day and time.
This would be simple to program into orchestrator yet I have 4 scripts running on 4 different days and do not wish to have to set this up for each month and rather have the script run everyday to check my conditions.

The date and time are for German working days only 5/6/7/8 of each month (not including weekends and public holidays) so the 5th day could be on the 6th day of the month if you start the 1st of July is a Sunday the 5th working day is the 6th of July and so on. So to make my life easier I put all the date’s for the year into my SQL Database and want to query these and set the conditions for a flow switch (or something similar)

So i would like to query my SQL database which has all the dates for all the working days which are relevant to run these scripts. 4 branches in total. I could use 4 standard flow decisions to check each and then go from there but was looking into using the Flow Switch which if i need to more days that this might be a more suitable option.

If anyone has a simpler way to do this then im all ears :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Managed to solve it just took a little time to get my head round it.

Thanks again!
It can be closed!