Fix Something at Runtime may be Selectors then proceed with further execution

Lets take one scenario, you configured your robot and while at the time of unit testing, it throws exception in selectors at some point but it will close everything and pick the next transaction, that way you have to go back again at that point manually. But in my cases you cannot open that transaction again which is failed.

What my point is, i know the selector is changing at this point so i put something like message box at that point and trigger my bot. So message box popups at that point in my next transaction then i will configure that selector at run time and robot will process further. That way i need not to stop the bot and i can do testing end to end.

Also we can think like that, at the time of exception, it gives you option whether you want to fix your error and move forward or you want to go to next configured step incase of error

Hello @sachinbhardwaj

From what I have understood, you are using a message box whenever an exceptions & you manually process the previous failed transaction, correct me if I am wrong.

If my above understanding is right, can you please let me know if you have tried,

  1. To make the Selector dynamic ?
  2. Or To test in Debug mode with breakpoints ?

Please try these and share your feedback.


Use Debug. You can set breakpoints wherever you want, and it’ll pause there. Or it’ll automatically pause for any error.

And from what it sounds like, your selector isn’t correct. With a correct selector you don’t have to edit it at runtime. Show us what you’re trying to do.

@jeshwanthaloy @postwick

Hey, No No. I know we can make selectors dynamic, But lets suppose it still throws exception okay.
Now i said we need one activity something like message box so we can put at that place before running the bot and fix out exceptions or selectors at run time. So at this time our BOT is on Pause, so after fixing, we will continue the BOT and that way we can do end to end testing.

Also breakpoints doesnot give you right to change the selectors n all.

Also we can think like that, at the time of exception, it gives you option whether you want to fix your error and move forward or you want to go to next configured step incase of error,

Yes, And I hope that option is not yet available during the run time in Uipath.

All you shall do is to specify your selector in such a way that, it picks up when the value changes Dynamically.


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If the selector is dynamic and set properly, there will be no exceptions and no need to edit the selector at runtime.


Okay that’s why i did not ask the question instead i gave the feedback :rofl:
But really thanks for replying, i got to know that i was not clear with my words.

yes you are right, i never had that problem, it just came into my mind so i thought i should share, and its not about selectors, basically i need to fix everything at run time, at least this feature we can enable in dev license :slight_smile:

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If you’re a developer then Debug mode gives you all these capabilities and more.

If you’re an end user of an automation, you should never be prompted to fix anything at runtime. The automation should be written properly so it doesn’t need fixing.


Yes, i am completely agree with you. Its my responsibility to write down my code properly. But still somethings you fix only at the time of Unit Testing, so maybe this feature or what i am asking for, can be a part of debug mode :slight_smile:

It is part of debug mode. You can have the automation pause and then you can edit the value of variables etc.

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