Exception at the end of the process

Hello ,

I was encountering an error in the process ,

initially to start with the process bot is able to finish the first transaction successful when its starting the transaction 2 it is throwing the error from the transaction 1, Can some one help me to debug the issue

Thank you

What is the error thrown? Can you provide any details

Thank you for the quick response

Here is the exception Message

System exception.Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector

Here is the Selector

"html title=‘Find Results View’ /><webctrl aaname=’*’ parentid=‘DataTable’ tag=‘A’ colName=‘Account Name’ tableCol=‘1’ tableRow=‘2’ /

I’d suggest running it in debug mode so you can see exactly what activity is going wrong. By the sound of it is most like a click or type into activity. Goin by your description perhps after processing the first item the process doesn’t return exactly back to where you began, so when the robot loops back round it dones’t know it’s starting from a different position. Also thanks but go ahead and removed the solved status if you can, we’re not quite there yet!

Thank you for the reply, but the selector is no where related to the end of the process, the selector comes in the middle of the process , if there is any issue with the selector the bot has to stop at that perticular point but it is stopping at the end

Thank you

are you able to share the .xaml, we haven’t got a lot of info to go off here