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Hi, this is seemingly so simple but I’m horribly stuck, I just want to write to an excel cell. I’ve watched tutorials where they do this; I try the exact same thing and i get this error.

I’m using the ‘correct’ write to cell. Every tutorial I’ve watched says there’s no need for variables, (I’ve made them anyway to no avail.) It’s infuriating being stuck on step 1 so if anyone could help out thanks.

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You got that error due to bvcdx variable is not declared. If you created it then please check it scope once under Variables tab.

If bvcdx is not variable then write in between double quotes as below.



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There are two reason this can happen

  1. You have a variable named bvcdx but it is not created in the variable panel which is what termed as declaring the variable

In order to create that variable you can see three tabs at the middle bottom of the screen
Variables, Argument, Import

In that click on variable tab and create a variable of the same name and assign a VALUE to it
and this error won’t come

  1. Or if you don’t want a variable to be created like above and just mention the value directly in the write cell activity then mention your value between double quotes like this

“Your value”

Eg: if your value is bvcdx then mention as “bvcdx”

Hope this would help you resolve this


Oh I’m stupid i now see the text needs to be in quotes! Thanks guys, quick response and quick help!

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