Write To Excel Cell Not Working

I’m trying to write a value (saved in variable) into cell U4 of Excel. I’m using the Write Cell activity within the Excel Application Scope. I put in the file path and there appears to be no issue there. The sheet name is also correct and I’m using a message box to verify the variable is holding the correct value.

Any ideas how to make Uipath type a value into the cell?

What is happening? Are you getting an error? You need to provide more details. “Not working” doesn’t tell us anything.

Nothing is happening. It Executes goes through everything and ends but never writes anything to the cell. I put a message box right before and after the write cell and both message boxes execute.

Post a screenshot of your write cell activity.

Are you sure CurrentTicker actually has a value?

did you tick “auto save”

and also use the save workbook activity at the end

Hi @ds55

Is there are multiple variable with same in different scope
Can you please check that one also.


Yes, I’m positive

It does have autosave checked but your screenshot lead me to the right answer so thank you! Create new workbook was also checked. Once I removed it, it now works.

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