Writing Variables to the Write Cell Activity

How can I write a variable in the part of the Write Cell activity in Excel activities where we write the formula? I could not find any format. I want to print a formula to the cells in my Excel file in order. When I type it as (=C2*‘Ürün Listesi’!$E$3") it is ok, but when I write the variable that I named as “sayac” instead of C2, it gives an error.
Can you help me ?


Hi @Ugur_Can_Akagac

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Try this

“=C”+sayac.ToString+"*‘Ürün Listesi’!$E$3"

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Uipath forum is really useful. Thank you. I ran it now, no problem.Thanks a lot @NIVED_NAMBIAR

Hi @Ugur_Can_Akagac

Did the above formula worked for you?

yes it definitely worked. Thanks again. @NIVED_NAMBIAR

Hi @Ugur_Can_Akagac

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