First ComputerVision Enterprise-ready public release is now available!

Great success!

The first public version of ComputerVision is now available for download from the Official public feed.

This version is mainly meant for the on-prem enterprise customers, but feel free to use it yourself and tell us what you think! The cloud version will remain within the community version for now, but its Enterprise cloud version is planned for 19.5 :rocket:

There are quite a few more goodies (and fixes) coming to ComputerVision. Some small ones very soon, and some major stuff a bit further down the road. Stay tuned!

See our documentation to learn more:

UiPath team


its so cool to see computer vision package directly under “Manage Packages”. It gives quite a confidence to use a public release and not a beta and know that its more stable…
Kudos to UiPath…! !


wow :ok_hand: , good to hear


This is so Great!!! Much needed.

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Hi @Cosin
Great to hear that the development of CV is doing so well. Really looking forward to start using it.

Just for my information (did not read the UAL yet) can you give us a short description of the information being stored, shared or used when using CV with the community license, Enterprise edition or on-prem solution?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hello @Cosin i’,m Getting small issue while using CV Activities
i’m Trying to indicate anchor for type into activity popup coming above my anchor

My question is how to remove or move the popup from that corner?

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@shyamm, you just need to click and hold the title bar (top of the pop-up), drag and then drop out of the way.
Hope this works for you.


Thank You @yogesh.chand for the replay,
I’m did the same here.

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@Cosin Any update on my question?


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I tested the AI ComputerVision module it in the last days and benchmarked it against UI Vision from Kantu. => The UiPath solution did amazingly well. Kudos to the devs.


he utilizado computer vision y está muy genial !! :sonriendo: seguiré probando y ver que más cosas puedo hacer y a qué escenarios me puedo enfrentar. Gran apuesta! :+1:

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So this is how data flows

  • On our cloud

    • screenshots of the automated interfaces are processed on our cloud servers, hosted in azure.
    • additionally, design-time only (Studio) screenshots* may be stored in order to improve the model. Production (robot) data is never stored .
    • we receive and store user-reported issues for the purpose of fixing specific problems.
  • On prem / private cloud

    • open networks – no data leaves the company premises, except the submitted issues, performed by the user for the purpose of fixing a client specific problem.
    • closed networks – no data leaves the company premises

Thanks for the clarification!

We are wanting to use Computer Vision with our Enterprise account. When working On Prem do I need to use the API Key? Also, if it’s on premises, what is the API Key being used for?

Regardless of your Orchestrator deployment, if you’d like to use the CV Cloud Service, you’ll need to create get the API key from (Licenses tab).
If you want to use your own on-prem CV server, you won’t need to use an API key

We tried to run without an API Key and the job failed to run.

When I use my community version of cloud API key it works.

How do I get a Cloud account for my enterprise client if I’m not using cloud platform, but using on/ prem platform?

Hi @James_Taylor

I think you can contact our Sales department here:

One way to do it quick is to request some extra licenses directly from Cloud. I believe it will send the request to the Sales department and convert your account to the Enterprise one after being processed by our team.
(I am not 100% sure here just yet)

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Yes, contact your sales rep (or your customer’s sales rep) and request ComputerVision Enterprise Cloud. They will be able to upgrade the community ComputerVision license to Enterprise.

Also, I had an concern about data security for my client. They handle sensitive information that can not be shared or sent anywhere outside of premises.

Will data be shared?

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