Computer Vision Beta Version

Following URL available for computer vision

but there is no information provided regarding installation steps.

I installed uipath community beta version 2019.1.0 which is latest version released by uipath and I have installed all required nugget packages regarding computer vision but still computer vision activities not available in uipath .

Is there any additional setting required to get the computer vision activities?

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I have the same query. I am able to find UiPath.Vision =1.2.0 in the Project tab.

However I am not able to find Computer Vision in the Activities tab.

The public beta will be available on Feb 18th.
For UIP employees, pls contact me or Ovi so we can give you access



Then it will be available from Feb 18. For all developers.

Hi @Cosin

Is the package available now in the manage packages?


Hi @reda

Yes, see here:


So i take it there was an update to CV, as all the CV stuff id built broke epically and had to rebuild

We are investigating using the AI Vision package. I am wondering what happens to the customer data in the form? Our is very confidental and should not reach any type of cloud. Is it possible to send only the form it self with empty data to the AI to be analyzed or is customer data included?

Hi @roshallen

I believe only the selected scope is sent for analysis.
You can read more about the data security polices here:

However, it is possible to install the solution completely on-premise, see here:

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Hi @loginerror, is there anywhere you can point me to that says that only the selected scope is sent for analysis? How does this work with scope refreshes now that they are automatic?