Computer Vision update!

The CV activities just got a little nicer! :nail_care:

There’s a brand new helper that is more visible, so the useful messages and functions are more readily available to you when indicating elements on screen. Not a lot of new functionality, more of a UX update, but we feel it will make a difference.

Stay tuned, we have quite a few more things in the works that will bring new functionality too.

To get it, install the latest beta from the feed and let us know what you think :pray:
See the full installation instructions here



This is going to be awesome…:heart_eyes: , While when i tried CV for the first time it was amazing but quite tedious while selecting the image on the screen. I thing this is something gonna be damn helpful… :smiley: Can’t wait to test this in morning :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Just tried it out, a helpful UX screen along with the screen where scope which is indicated

  1. And the UX helps to update the scope where you want to perform actions with the help of a click
  2. Show’s all elements that can be extracted or can perform actions with a click, liked the eye symbol
  3. Reporting feature is also nice, where we can just drag where CV activities are not working and send the reports.

its really awesome feature. it reduces lot of efforts while selecting images/screens


Very helpful while working with windows applications and citrix based applications.

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what is the latest beta version for CV?

The version is 1.0.0-beta.226532.


thanks I wanted to be sure, updating my project to that version

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Hi @Cosin

Wonderful feature CV no doubt about that…when UiPath will be releasing Production Version?..need to use this in projects once it’s available.

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With this new feature, UiPath is certainly going to stand out from other RPA tools in the market. Such an advance, but easy to use feature. It solved one of the most tediuos part of automation.
Kudos to the whole team :blush:


Cool will try it out soon!!! :star_struck:

Very useful while use citrix based applications

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Very useful. I love working with computer vision. It is one of my favorite features :smiley:

Is it advisable to use in Production? I heard it’s not, Please clarify me. @ovi, @Cosin


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since yesterday the on prem version is available for production use.

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Very helpful while working with windows applications and citrix based applications


@ovi @loginerror @Cosin

It is better to have image exist activity for Citrix environment under computer Vision

we cannot pass secure sting using cv type into activity?

You can, just pass it to the input :wink:

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Hi @Cosin,

I have tried to click an element in Citrix first time its clicking fine beacuse of that background colour will be white.

If I am trying to click same element second time if it highlated with blue colour in background CV click failing to click.

Kindly help me out .how to resolve this type of issue.

Is it CV click also not reliable or it is also working as image based ? @ovi @loginerror