Firefox "Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead"


I’m trying to get passed the certificate error page of Firefox with the displayed message “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead”.
I use a find element for the advanced button, save it in a variable, then use an If Not IsNothing(variable) then I click the advanced button and then I also click the Accept button.

This only works sometimes and sometimes the page needs to be in focus (page, not tab or browser).
So… the success rate is very small.
I tried to generalize the selector for the advanced button, but it simply does not find it anymore.

The title keeps changing to contain the firefox browser or not and the app changes from wnd app to html app, but I try even with both and it still does not work most of the time.
Example for the advanced selector:
wnd app=‘firefox.exe’ cls=‘MozillaWindowClass’ title=‘Warning*’ />
uia role=‘group’ />
uia name=‘Advanced…’ role=‘button’ />
html app=‘firefox.exe’ cls=‘MozillaWindowClass’ title=‘Warning*’ />
uia role=‘group’ />
uia name=‘Advanced…’ role=‘button’ />

Sometimes I use the indicate element (when it’s not working) and it gets the same selector, but it’s somehow valid now…

To me, this makes no sense…

Anyone faced this issue with Firefox? Somehow, this only works about half the time, or less…
The simple solution would be to disable the firefox warning, but it doesn’t work anymore…
Or to use another browser, but due to other issues with other browsers on different parts of the project, firefox was the better choice.

Use a Pick activity and set three PickBranch activities. The first one check for FindElement in the target page, the two others use a FindElement for warning window and popup respectively.

Don’t make the robot interact in the first branch; deal with the target page after the Pick activity

Doesn’t work like that, but thank you for answering.
The problem is with the FindElement… either the page must be clicked somewhere for it to find the element, or it simply works randomly.


I faced the similar issue, but it was solved by our IT admins, so better to contact them and saying the website make it to trusted sites and if any blocking of antivirus then you have include that as trusted also

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This can’t happen… It’s around 9000 customer personal routers with private or public IPs (dynamic ones)…


You can configure your firefox to disable that notification, check below link

Hope this helps


This didn’t work for me… The firefox still displays the warning page. I tried several tutorials on how to disable it in Firefox, but there is no official one and none of them work, to be honest.