Ui path not detecting induvidual elements in firefox popup window

Hi All, as in the below screen shot ,

. am working with a use case where uipath is fine when it comes to web elements of firefox. but when a firefox popsup its not detecting the induvidual elements.
i want to click that option button near “SE”
studio version : 2019.10.1

Did you try attach window on that popup, before trying to get that radio button inside it?

  1. have you verified the firfox plugin is installed and working?
  2. Try using attach window or browser activity
  3. If the text is always SE you could use a click image of the radio button anchored to the image of the text SE (I know this is less than ideal, but have a couple applications that are so old this is the only way to automate them)

As I said am working in this usecase for few days now. So things are working fine with the portal. Only in this window the problem comes. So that means my ff plugin works as expected.
When individual elements are not detecting how can attach window works ? But I will give a try.
Image solution as u said it’s not ideal.but when you say old what you mean ?

By old I meant that I have a few legacy applications I use that were designed in the late 90s and early 2000s. these application only work in IE and weren’t really designed with accessibility in mind. What I typically find when I’m having issues with these applications is that the web page design puts multiple elements inside one Ui Element thus making it very hard for UiPath to determine what exactly to click on. In most causes using the image solution is the only reliable way I can make the automation work for these legacy application.

Kindly check once whether FireFox Extension is installed

and even after installing and restarting the machine if we are not able to access then we can use computer vision activities

or still if that doesnt work
we can use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab to navigate across the fields and use n number of send hot key with key as tab until we reach the field we want and finally use send hot key with key as enter to click on it or use type into activity without any element chosen with selector and mention the input string alone

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @karges

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@Palaniyappan send hot key is good as long as we enter values but to extract values i don’t think that can be used. there is a table i need to extract

below is the table i want to extract.

i am not sure whether i understood correctly,. because even if we use attach window and attach this window , ultimately in the “do” section i need to perform some activities like “click” , “extract structured data” , “type into” , for all these activities i still need to supply selectors

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one small update . same pop up in IE is able to locate individual elements.

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Awesome then we can try with DATA SCRAPPING method
Did that help us on this
Cheers @karges

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this is solved. this is an issue with Firefox drivers used by uipath.uiautomation library 19.10.1 solved this.

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