FireFox Extension Alternative

We have compulsion to use Firefox as the browser for one of the process. Due to secuirty reasons we cannot install the extension (firefox add-on). Do we have any alternative ?Or a work aorund for this case ?



I believe the only way is to install the plugin, otherwise it cannot identify the elements

Otherwise you have to do Image automation, which is not suggestable unless you cannot find the reliable selectors

Hope this clears your doubts


Maybe you will be able to use the WebDriver, but this needs more programming experience:

@moenk - thanks for the suggestion. I will research further and see if I can use it. I can see from the documentation we have to install geckodriver.exe . Installing a .exe file is again risk for us.

Anyhow, thanks for the suggestion.


I am able to use internet explorer without any additional add-ons. I wish firefox/chrome were similar.

Thanks for the suggestion . I will try to see if image automations helps me.


UiPath can interact by default with IE, but not with other browsers like Chrome, Edge, Chromium, FireFox

You can raise this to the technical team of UiPath, so officially you will get response from UiPath to install the plugin then you can convence your company

Image automations will fail if you need to work with dynamic selectors

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@Srini84 -Thanks . I will follow your instructions.

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