UIElement is not working on both Firefox and Chrome

Dear All,

Could someone help me now. I’m trying to identify a web element on Chrome as below
And it’s working fine on Chrome but when did not work in Firefox because of attribute “app” of the element in Firefox is “chrome.exe”

Do we have any way to identify the object to execute on both of browser?


Have you installed Firefox extension from UIPath.

If not do it first and then restart browser.

And also selector will change from one browser to another browser. We have to change it.

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Hi @Tri_Trieu

If you are trying to use same code for Chrome and Firefox then you have to change the all selectors dynamically. for this you have to store the “app” value in an excel config file.

Chrome = Chrome.exe
Firefox = firefox.exe

then when ever you are using chrome use Chrome variable else use Firefox variable.


Could you let me know how to add BrowserType(chrome.exe and firefox.exe) into UI Selector?
I tried but not working :frowning:

I’ve already installed Firefox extension and it’s working fine. The question I want to ask is define a Element and it have to work on both of Browser as Firefox, Chrome or even IE


Assign a variable with value like
Chrome_var = chrome.exe
Firefix_var = Firefox.exe

Then place that variable in the attribute
app = ’ " + Chrome_var + " ’
Similarly for Firefox

Hope this would help u buddy


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Open that web page in all browsers and indicate that element and compare all 3 selectors and try to identify which attribute value is changing. Make selector dynamic using wild card entries or passing variable to selector.

As @Palaniyappan mentioned, follow that way to pass variable to selector.

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