Chrome (or other browser) Automation without Extensions?

Is it possible to automate/control browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, whatever) without installing the related UIPath extensions? We have a group policy in place that forbids adding browser extensions. And the policy is not going to change anytime soon. Does this mean that I can’t do any complex browser automation? Or is there a workaround? Thanks!

IE works without a browser extension. However, others will likely need the extension. I recommend getting the extension approved so you can use another browser, since IE is no longer being supported by Microsoft.

hey, @mdagosta
you can use IE without extensions!

IE browser is the best option for you as it does not require extension…

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To use chrome, firefox or any other browser you have to use extensions rather IE will run without any extension. So, if you are tired of using extensions IE seems to be your choice. :grinning:

If you cant use IE, or install other browser extensions, than you only options would be to work with image activities, but that would not be recommended for big projects as it will be slow and very environment dependent.

Thanks everyone. Using IE is the workaround for now.

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